The power of goodbye

Saying goodbye to my family and my best friends and not knowing when I'll see them again is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. I've been a total mess these past couple of days but me and my friends have still managed to have a lot of fun. During this year we've grown so close to each other and we're all like a big family. My bestie Savannah slept at my house my whole last week and it feels so weird not having her next to me when I fall asleep. We went to a bunch of goodbye parties and every goodbye party it was a little harder because we all knew that the day that we would actually have to say goodbye came closer and closer. We had bonfires and gave each other goodbye gifts, hugged each until we turned in to mashed potatoes, laughed like only we can and had heart to heart talks until our eyes couldn't stay open longer. Graduation came so fast and the whole night I didn't know what to feel, I thought I was gonna be like 'I made it' but instead it was just unreal and I felt like an empty piece of poop. After graduation they had a thing called project graduation at school where they had bouncy houses, a mechanical bull, crazy much food and it was going on until 5:00. It was really fun but when the night came to an end I had to say goodbye to some of my best friends here and we all started to cry and we stayed in school until they almost had to drag us out of there. 
We got like 2 hours of sleep before church the next day and then we went to Savannah's family for a cook out (Aka trying to convince her mom to let her go visit me). It was good because our families got to know each other better. We carved our name in to a tree haha, in our head we imagined that it was gonna look like in The last song but mhh.. not really haha<3 Bernie made meat loaf for me one last time that night and Cujo acted really funny all night like he knew what was going on, he just layed in my bed for hours and then he started to shake. Monday was probably the worst day of my life, Casie and Blake came over and said goodbye and then my Bästa Elsa came over and said goodbye. I know that I'll see her in a few weeks but I'm still gonna miss her so much, I think three days is the longest time we've ever been away from each other and ahh she is like my other half. Addy, Justin, Darby, Toni and Savannah went with me to the airport and my heart was aching when I hugged them for the last time. But it's not a goodbye it's a see you later! I cried like all day yesterday and I'm trying to hold it together now and enjoy our trip here and then I'll have to deal with my feelings when I get home. I just wanted to update you a little bit, I'll write here when I have time and feel better. Take care and I'll see you in 18 days Sweden!

Postat av: Emma - Pluggar till FOTOGRAF

Åh :( Vet känslan! Åkte från min USA-familj och vänner 2011 efter ett utbytesår, men har hälsat på och de har även hälsat på mig :) Men vet hur äckligt tomt och konstigt det känns... Skickar lite kramar <3

2013-05-30 @ 12:21:37
Postat av: vanja

Åhh så härligt

2013-05-30 @ 13:10:32
Postat av: Jasmine

Avsked är något av det värsta som finns. Jag blir lika ledsen varje gång.
Jag hoppas att du kommer över det värsta och kan minnas tillbaka med glädje.

2013-05-30 @ 13:50:53
Postat av: Annster

Jobbig känsla :/

2013-05-30 @ 13:51:40
Postat av: G I N A ~

åh.. måste vara sjukt jobbigt.. :(

2013-05-30 @ 13:57:13
Postat av: Jessika

Jag börjar ju typ gråta bara av att läsa detta, haha :(

2013-05-30 @ 14:33:25
Postat av: ~Johanna ♥~

Åh borde vara jobbigt :(

2013-05-30 @ 14:47:18
Postat av: Sara

jätte härliga bilder!

2013-05-30 @ 17:13:10
Postat av: linda

Åh vad härliga bilder :D och vilken härlig blogg du har! den kmr jag absolut att fortsätta att läsa :D

2013-05-30 @ 17:19:16
Postat av: LINN ★

Fina bilder! :D

2013-05-30 @ 18:02:50
Postat av: Linn Ahlex


2013-05-30 @ 18:26:42
Postat av: Sofia - vardag & foto

Åh vad känslomässiga bilder! Men fin blogg!

2013-05-30 @ 18:46:34
Postat av: Marie Bergman

Vilka härliga bilder =)

2013-05-30 @ 20:35:39
Postat av: Solin

Vilken känsla det måste vara! Men du klarar det, heja heja♥

2013-05-30 @ 20:42:10
Postat av: TOVA

så härligt!! underbara bilder:)

2013-05-30 @ 20:44:41
Postat av: Sofia

Vilka härliga bilder :-)

2013-05-30 @ 20:59:06
Postat av: C H A R L O T T E

Åh vad coolt att åkas till USA Jätte fina bilder och blogg =)

2013-05-30 @ 21:42:09
Postat av: Sabinus

Snygg blogg! c:
fråga gärna något på min frågestund!

2013-05-30 @ 21:46:30
Postat av: Ellinor

Så fina bilder!

O grym blogg! :)

Svar: Tack! :D

2013-05-30 @ 22:58:51
Postat av: evelina

Åh. När jag såg rubriken kunde jag verkligen inte låta bli att klicka in. Känner så igen mig i det du skriver. Själv tycker jag att säga hejdå är det jobbigaste som finns. Studenten för mig förra årer var bland det jobbigaste jag gjort. Ville verkligen inte sluta och ville verkligen inte säga hejdå. Usch usch. Så jag kunde djupt in i mitt hjärta känna med i denna text. Men bättre är det ju i alla fall att man haft det bra och på så sätt kan minnas allt med glädje. Det är väl så man får tänka antar jag!

2013-05-31 @ 01:08:17
Postat av: FrökenTV, bloggen om tv och film

Åh!! Jag har funderat jätte länge på att åka och plugga i usa men inte gjort det (än). Underbart att du verkar ha haft det bra alla fall :).

2013-05-31 @ 05:13:01
Postat av: kerstin

lycka till

2013-05-31 @ 07:06:23

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