Adventures with my little sausage

Today was a great day! We basically just watched movies all day, which stresses me out a little since I have finals in eight classes next week and we're not even reviewing! Well well :) After school I got to meet Elsa's parents and I got all teared up haha, It was so much fun to finally meet them and I could like imagine even more how it's gonna feel to see mine again. So glad for my little Elserr<3 Then me and Savannah went to the gym and after that she went home with me. We've been out like all day, walked around, danced, prentended that we were at a concert, met the cutest little two year old and last but not least we went to the gas station in my hood yo and bought Ice cream and some other stuff and sat out in shorts until 9.30!! Summer ahh :) 
Tomorrow Victoria, Caitlyn, Mallory and Lene are coming over for bbq and some baking. We're making our fav sub Mr. Hardin cupcakes because he's leaving us on friday :(  Sleep tight! 

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Kan du göra en videoblogg när du pratar engelska och visar ditt hus/rum?

2013-05-10 @ 09:08:22

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