I love being this happy all the time

Hey! I promised my dear Savannah to write in english so that she can understand, the only word she knows is ''och'', och that won't take her very far ;) Yesterday after school I went to the post office to ship some stuff (40 pounds) home to Sweden, and after that we were supposed to go to the gym buuut ... chinese food sounded better. So me and my girls, Elsa and Savannah, went to Mongolian grill and hung out there for a while and had a great time as usual. After that me and Savannah went home to her and sat out in the sun and talked, danced around in her yard and then we decided to go on an adventure to Walgreens. The weather went crazy and it started pouring down rain haha, so her mom picked us up. When we got home we crashed on the couch with all our snacks and watched Awkward and Glee before we fell asleep :) She packed my lunch this morning and it was so cute, and I got a real american lunch with a PBJ-sandwich, pb-crackers, raisins, yogurt, reese's pieces and cheese sticks! :D
I had a great day today in school even if I probably failed my EOC. Me and Addy had fun as always in media and made a commerical about Chicken paddy's, I'll put it on here when we're done haha :D I went home right after school, got some things done on my to-do-list and then I went out for a ''run'' lol. I'm so out of shape it's not even funny, well well. Made myself a really good supper and now I'm gonna watch TV with my hostmom. PS. I love you Savannah!

Postat av: Helena

Först och främst, din blogg är verkligen jättebra o underhållande! :)
Sedan till mina frågor - jag åker iväg till USA för ett utbytesår nu i slutet av sommaren, men är lite fundersam över packningen - har du något tips på sådant som man borde/inte borde packa? Typ onödigt och sådant? + Vad kostar det att skicka hem saker, typ 20 kilo?

Tack på förhand :) /Helena

2013-05-14 @ 16:22:40

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