The perfect FroYo

Had a great night yesterday with my boo Addy! Darby, Zach and Addy picked me up around 6 and we went to El nopal to eat mexican, after that we all went to Orange Leaf (The best place in the entire world) to get some Frozen Yogurt and then Darby dropped me and Addy off at the movies. We watched Identity thief and we were stressing out the whole time haha, the girl who is the identity thief was driving us nuts but I'll give it 3/5 toasters. Me and Addy had a blast as usual :) 
I guess you all know by now that I have a slight obsession with FroYo hehe. I got a question about what my favorite flavors are and what I put on it so; I put a brownie in the bottom, then I take the flavors ''White chocolate strawberry'' and ''Brownie batter'', after that I take Heath (Candy that tastes like Daim), fruit and berries, cookie dough and candy over it. Sooooo good!


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