This is the moment, tonight is the night - Thunder over Louisville.

Hey! Hope you're doing great :) Had an amazing day/night yesterday, first time I was in Downtown Louisville to actually walk around (It is soo pretty!). Me, Savannah, John and Morgan got down there at like 1 and walked around a little before we met up Elsa and Lene. We went to the skatepark and made some new friends haha! After that we walked by the river together with Axel, Cameron, Claudio, Emelia, Daniela and Dino, we stopped by a park and just sat there for a while, it was really cozy. When It got dark we all had to split up and hang out with our families and watch the fireworks. When the fireworks started I was just sitting there screaming haha, it was sooo cool! And I got my New year's eve fireworks, better late than never! We stopped by White castle before we went home and then I crashed in my bed tired like a little hamster. Thunder was amazing :) 
Today I went to church and after that I went to the zoo with Christine and Caitlyn, it was only two dollars to get in today (!). My life feels like a movie, I don't know how many times a week I stop and think ''It feels like I'm in a movie right now'', I LOVE IT. April has been perfect so far and next weekend I'm going back to Florida for the senior trip. We're going to two waterparks, the beach and the grad bash at Universal Studios. Grad bash is a graduation celebration for all the students graduating this year, and guess what?! PITBULL is going to perform, MR. WORDWIDE(!!!) haha aaah I'm so excited. Kisses and hugs!


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