Skolans tidning, lite kul!
Våran coach körde slut på oss allihop idag på träningen men gött är det efteråt!! Fått ett fett träningsschema över jul också så ingen vila här inte hehe. Va hemma i typ 20 min, kasta i mig mat och duscha innan Casie hämtade upp mig. Me, Casie and Ashley went to see BE play at a big tournament, they won!! Had a great time and after the game we went to Mc Donald's with Blake. Right now I'm making brownies for my Yearbook class since we are having like a breakfast in that class tomorrow.
Tomorrow is friday and to be honest I'm really worried, after all that is going on here right now I would rather stay at home but I can't miss finals. But to look on the bright side, I get my Christmas break tomorrow and I'm going to Addy and she is throwing a Christmas party so that will be awesoooome<3 
Sleep tight Sweden!


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